Friday, August 21, 2015

Kolah Ghermezi (The Redhat) Muppet Show

Today a very nostalgic film was shown on the state television which inspired me to write this post. Redhat. It is the name of the most popular children’s programme in my childhood. Redhat was a puppet, a little noisy playful kid who couldn’t pronounce some words correctly and didn’t listen to adults. He had a red hat over his black spiky hair made with wool, a big funny nose, a wide mouth which was always open in surprise, a green eye and a blue eye (very creative) and a striped blue-white shirt and green trousers. The programme had a host and this Redhat and some other puppets too. I really loved the host. He was a middle-aged man with a receding head and black moustache. Generally speaking I believe he was the best ever host in children’s programmes over here. He was neither too kind in an insincere way nor treated children like they can’t understand anything. As a child I really liked the way he talked to children. He got sometimes angry with Redhat and asked him to behave himself but Redhat used to make things worse in a funny way. Even a film was shot with the host and Redhat and some other funny people and it was a real success. I never forget long queues of children with their parents in front of cinemas. I watched it FIVE times that year (1994) in cinemas; two times with my parents, two times with my aunts and uncles and my closest cousins, and once with my schoolmates and our teachers. After that whenever the television replayed it I watched it again. So many times that I forgot. Every time you see them they are new. It was a programme and film which was not only made for children. Adults also enjoyed it. I remember my parents watched it with me and laughed a great deal. Even today after 15 years my parents and I sat and watched it again. It still could laugh us. Since then a lot of hosts and puppets have appeared in children’s programmes but none of them were that popular and successful. I am happy my childhood began with that nice cartoons and puppets and that host and finished when they became outdated and left the television.

The name of the host is Iraj Tahmasb.

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