Friday, April 24, 2015

The Sad Gatsby

I wrote this for Guardian Witness book readers in March:

As for Persian new year, I made a resolution to go back to the books I read in the past and loved them so much. I decided to start with The Great Gatsby, because it's one of the most memorable classics I ever read, so deep, so morose, with such a sombre ending. You close the book at the end but the lines and quotes stay with you for so many days. You think of Jay Gatsby, his loneliness, his lonely wealth, his desperate love, and his death over and over. If you read this book in lonely moments of your life, waiting for something to happen, waiting in loneliness, waiting wearing chic blazers but feel worn out inside; you can understand Gatsby. I'd like to read this book again, for the sake of good sad lonely times. For the sake of things I left behind, and the days that will never come back.

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