Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Spinach Kookoo Recipe

Kookoo is the name of a category of Iranian foods which is like pancake and is made of mixture of eggs with finely chopped ingredients; mainly potatoes or vegetables.

The two very famous kookoos are kookoo sabzi (vegetable kookoo) and kookoo sib zamini (potato kookoo). We also have kookoo esfenaj (sinach kookoo) and I made it for the first time today.

I thought to take some pictures and share the very easy recipe with you step by step:

What you need:
- a bunch of spinach
- one egg
- salt, pepper and turmeric

OK here are the steps:

Firstly, wash the spinach well.

Chop the leaves and the stem:

Break the egg and add salt and pepper and turmeric:

I added dried barberries too:

Pour the oil in the pan and let it get hot well but be careful you don't burn the oil. When it got hot pour the mixture in the pan and flaten it:

When one side is fried turn the other side:

Ready! I eat it with yoghurt it makes it more yummy.

Bon appetite, nooshe jan:

 It was that easy!

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