Friday, March 21, 2014

Masoumeh Seyhoon

Masoumeh Seyhoon (1934-2009)

I have heard the name of Seyhoon Gallery so many times but I didn't know it was named after Masoumeh Seyhoon- its founder.

Masoomeh Nooshin was a painter who was born 80 years ago in the northern city of Rasht and graduated as a painter from Faculty of Fine Arts from Tehran University.

She married Hooshang Seyhoon -the father of modern architecture- in Iran who was the Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture of the Tehran University at that time. After marriage she changed her name after her husband's last name.

Seyhoon Gallery was one of the first Iranian galleries which was founded by Masoumeh Seyhoon in her own house in 1966 in Tehran and it became one of the famous and most successful art galleries in Iran soon.

Many Iranian artists began their journey from this gallery. People like Sohrab Sepehri is one of them.

She also held the first calligraphy exhibition with Reza Mafi's work and this is one of her nice innovations.

She got into Evin Prison in 1981 and was imprisoned for one year and after being relieved she re-opened her gallery. For 6 months all alone and single-handedly despite the fear and terror overwhelming Iran's atmosphere she kept the gallery open so this art centre doesn't fall apart.

The Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran awarded her for 40 years of artistic work and held a ceremony for her.

Aydin Aghdashloo the famous Iranian painter called her "The Always Iron Lady of Iran's Art" and said all his life is being briefed in this gallery.

She passed away 5 years ago in 2009 at the age of 75 because of old age in her personal house and joined the soil of the country which she loved dearly and in which she had stayed in forever.

Seyhoon Gallery

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