Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Two Female Workers Lost Their Lives in a Fire Accident in Jomhuri Street

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In my early teens when me and my father used to walk in Shariati street near Sepah Square my dad used to show me a half ruined building telling me a story that the building was on fire one day and there was a young girl and a man trapped inside. The man and the girl threw themselves out of the window and people could get the girl on their hands and she was saved but the man landed on the earth and lost his life. I used to think poor man why people didn't catch him too.

Sad news is 2 days ago two female industrial workers lost their lives in a fire accident in a small clothes workshop in Jomhouri Street in Tehran. Firefighters arrived in time but their ladder didn't work and there was no life saving mattress available so the women and a man were at the windows screaming and they came out of the window and threw themselves out in fear of burning in fire but sadly they lost their lives due to falling down. So sad. People are criticizing the mayor and fire fighting department. Mana Neyestani drew this cartoon in their memory who lost their lives so unbelievably easily which could be really saved with no problem.

The scene of one of the woman throwing herself down the window was caught on cameras when she was on her way to the earth and reminds me of that famous picture a man threw himself out of Empire State building in 11 September. However I prefer not to share the picture on here. The news itself is sad enough.

The painful part of the news is the women were from poor families and had to work even on the weekend to be able to have enough money for their children but now they're gone.

Don't know what to say. My condolences for their families.

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