Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Abgoosht Photos

These are the pics of my abgoosht 2 days ago! I couldn't find white beans here so I cooked it with black eyed beans. I showed the picture to my other Iranian friend and she made fun of the fork I put on my plate. She's somehow right for eating abgoosht you don't need fork but anyway I had put it! Well I did something wise not to eat those cabbages or else my stomach ache would have been 10 times worse yesterday! It was a good experience as it was my first time cooking this food and a good lesson for me not to eat such a heavy meal in the evening!

The Age of Boredom

There are just days I feel I cannot move fodward in my life. I just feel like a slug getting stuck in the mud (do slugs ever get caught in t...