Monday, January 13, 2014

Abgoosht (Meat Potage)

Yum! Seeing this picture was enough to motivate me to write about this delicious food (and drool at the picture!) It's a very traditional Iranian food. All you need is meat white beans and peas and potato.

That green clay jar is called 'dizi' and it's used for cooking and eating abgoosht traditionally in it- it's still used in traditional Iranian restaurants and traditional coffee houses.

That wooden thing beside dizi in this picture is called 'goosht-koob' it's used for smashing cooked peas and bean and meat together and making a mixture called 'goosht koobide' and to be eaten with bread. Yum!

The bread in this picture is called Sangkak bread and is so nourishing because it's made of brown flour and black sesame and it's a big bread in size- it is baked on hot small pebbles- there are some bakery shops recently who have automatic machines for baking this bread without the use of pebbles but the best ones are those traditional ones in my opinions- this type of bread the more expensive than other types of Iranian traditional breads called 'taftoon' and 'babrbabri' and 'lavash'.

The brown things in the bowl are 'garlic pickles' (in Persian 'sir torshi') and they're so delicate when you chew them because they got tender in vinegar for a long time.

Those raw onion is for being sliced and eaten raw beside your food! Yes I know eating raw onion is not imaginable for some of you but in traditional way of eating abgoosht (and some other Iranian foods) we eat it beside our food to digest it better- we mostly eat white onion like the one in the picture- I don't think people eat other types of onions like red small onions.

I cooked abgoosht yesterday and it was good till this morning I woke up with a terrible stomachache because of the peas and beans not getting digested well in my stomach along with raw onions and raw basil I ate all yesterday. My advice to you is to eat this heavy meal at noon and not at night otherwise you might get into trouble like me! I drank lots of dark sweet tea to feel better and rubbed my belly. It's only now I started to feel much better.

Here's a really nice video about how to make this food along with traditional elements:

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