Thursday, December 12, 2013

Taste of Life

Yesterday I was walking. And it was not a sort of day you can call the best day in your life. It was actually the opposite in an ironic way. I was walking and looking at things. at trees. plants. flowers. blossoms. birds. pavements. bricks. chairs. buildings and electricity plugs like I'm seeing them all for the first time in life
. I was inhaling the air and thinking is a person going to be executed look at things like that too? And what do they think of them? 

I was thinking wow these are so beautiful. This orange wall I discovered for the first time passing this way. This greenhouse on the top of this hill I just walked up. This marble seat. this umbrella-like tree. These are all beautiful and eventhough it's not a good day I'm happy to discover them. 

Some nights ago me and Alex were watching Taste of Cherry together. It was her first time watching this movie and for me it was my second time. I told her "It's interesting eventhough he can't find the meaning of life he has all these meaningful conversations with these people" and later as his time of suicide came closer the nature in the movie start to get more and more beautiful. Like something want to tell him hey! look at all this. This is life. these are beautiful. Don't go! 

There's a dialogue in which he is talking to a middle-aged man and the man tells him 
"If you look at the four seasons, each season brings fruit. In summer, there's fruit, in autumn, too. Winter brings different fruit and spring, too... You want to refuse all that? You want to give it all up? You want to give up the taste of cherries?" 
That's what I think of life. no matter how bad it can get the beauty in small things and in nature is undeniable. Maybe all these small things get you back to life. Like when you are so sad and all of a sudden a small blue bird sits at your window sill and sing for you.

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