Thursday, October 31, 2013


It's 1:38 am over here and Google says today is Halloween. I'm not usually aware of days and dates and occasions so much to be honest.

Well happy Halloween then.

2 years ago I updated on my facebook I wish we had Halloween in Iran. It is not celebrated in my country at all. You have to look at people's pics on facebook wearing costumes and going out having fun and then wishing to yourself if we had it in Iran too.

Now I'm living out of Iran in a South Asian country where Halloween is not celebrated widely either! It's considered something overly Western and not something related to them. You see only a few shops having Halloween decorations. I didn't see anyone in costume since I moved over here. Sad. Where's the excitement then?

After Christmas the second non-Iranian celebration I really like is Halloween. Too bad we don't have it over here.

I was thinking of doing something for this Halloween like carving a pumpkin or making some nice decorative stuff. Just for having fun I'll try to do something this year. It's no problem people don't celebrate it here. Doing something creative is nice and makes you feel good. Even if it is buying a Halloween candy and eating it all alone I'll do it. I'll upload the pics for tomorrow. I promise!

Happy unrecognised spooky black and orange Halloween!

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