Friday, May 17, 2013

Love Will Always Conquer

Taken from Abe's Daily Snap

I always see my blog stats when I log into my blog. I check by which search terms the visitors get into my blog and so far the most searched terms are words of affection in Persian. Seems like there are lots of non-Iranians out there in love or in a relationship with an Iranian and they look for sweet words to say to their love. You go guys! (guys in this sense mean both men and women) Wish you the best of luck with your Iranian sweetheart. In the meantime don't forget that love has always an International language- no need to search for its translation here and there- the look of love in the eyes of an African or a European or an Asian and an Iranian is always the same.

PS Don't know why- but I felt my last lines were so overused and cliche so I crossed them out.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mercede,

I came across your blog the other day. I thought it was quite interesting so I posted a link to my facebook page. Which area of linguistics are you working in? Anyways add me on facebook if you wish.
Nikan Rst

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