Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lavender Linguistics, Lesbian Studies and Malaysian Butch Lesbians known as "Pengkids"

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No I didn't disappear from the face of Earth or the Blogspot, just being here, doing my work. But I got back with interesting stuff.

As a postgraduate student in my second year of linguistics (sorry if I sound boasting about my education, for explaining what I'm doing saying what I study is necessary), I decided to work on Lavender Linguistics, AKA Gay Linguistics for my research area.

It's a wide and very interesting yet newly founded branch of linguistics. As far as I know, William Leap, the professor of anthropology who himself is gay has contributed greatly to this part of linguistics.

I'm mostly trying to work on lesbians in the context of linguistics and generally pay more attention to lesbian studies, since less work has done about them in comparison to gays.

I'm currently working on an article about Malaysian "Pengkids", those group of lesbians who look and dress masculine. In Western culture they're known as "Butch".

The confusing fact for me is this: are all Malaysia lesbians who dress and act masculine are called pengkids by lesbian community or was that just a term used by heterosexuals in refer to any woman who look masculine?

Because as far as I know since I talk to one lesbian half Japanese half Indo-Malay girl and she repeatedly used the word "butch" in refer to masculine lesbians, and she never used this word pengkid.

Is pengkid maybe a tomboy? Cause in an advert on facebook I saw they equivalent it as "tomboy".

I guess I should do furtاur research on this word!

Till then!

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zainal syafinazameera said...

hey. i found it suprisingly interesting what you are studying about.

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