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What Is Happiness?

Happiness is when you do all your assignment on time and submit them before the deadline.

Happiness is when your tea is freshly brewed, hot, with a nice colour and make you feel great.

Happiness is when you get an email from your pen pals who doesn't send you emails very soon.

Happiness is when you sleep enough and get up next day with smile and lots of energy.

Happiness is Iranian food when you're dying from hunger and go to Iranian restaurant in your uni.

Happiness is listening to k.d. lang's voice and discovering a new song by her and repeat it 100 times.

Happiness is when stay up and enjoy the silence of late night and the cool breeze coming from the balcony.

Happiness is studying hard in the library and managing to focus on your work without interruption.

Happiness is simple, sounds easy to get by what I wrote above but hard to achieve and harder to keep.

Lavender Linguistics, Lesbian Studies and Malaysian Butch Lesbians known as "Pengkids"

No I didn't disappear from the face of Earth or the Blogspot, just being here, doing my work. But I got back with interesting stuff.

As a postgraduate student in my second year of linguistics (sorry if I sound boasting about my education, for explaining what I'm doing saying what I study is necessary), I decided to work on Lavender Linguistics, AKA Gay Linguistics for my research area.

It's a wide and very interesting yet newly founded branch of linguistics. As far as I know, William Leap, the professor of anthropology who himself is gay has contributed greatly to this part of linguistics.

I'm mostly trying to work on lesbians in the context of linguistics and generally pay more attention to lesbian studies, since less work has done about them in comparison to gays.

I'm currently working on an article about Malaysian "Pengkids", those group of lesbians who look and dress masculine. In Western culture they're known as "Butch".

The confusing …