Thursday, December 13, 2012

I'm Alive, I'll Survive

Hello guys, gals, cats and any other person/thing/creature who used to read this blog regularly.
I; Mercedé, the author of this blog do testify that I'm still alive and am writing these lines.
What the heck has happened to me I stopped blogging? One answer: I got ill. The last time I blogged was around July and those were the worst days of my illness. After that the pain got so unbearable I put blogging and many other activities on the Internet aside. I was ill and ill and ill until November. On the last days of this month I felt finally I'm recovering and now I'm all well. I know you're asking what my illness was. Let's talk about it later. Don't wanna remember it. Just happy those nasty days are gone. See ya soon and wait for more interesting posts.

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