Sunday, June 17, 2012

I Returned

I know, I know. I said 11th June. I should have updated my blog as I promised, but if you have had lots of work tension in a short amount of time, you know when it's over you don't feel like doing anything. Really anything. Just sleeping and wasting your time in front of your laptop. I had a project which was supposed to be done in 3 months. I did it just in 2 days before it was due. I didn't sleep for 48 hours and completed it. And yeah, I was amazed by human brain capabilities. After that, I told myself I'd just sleep for 7 days and eat a bit. I lost 7 kilograms during these weeks. Not because of the work pressure. I had lots of ups and down lately, and I wonder how out of the blue a bucket of bad luck will be poured onto your head. Seems like this time Lady Luck decided to kick me hard in the belly. But helped me to get up again as usual. 

But wait, didn't I ask you readers to send me as many positive energy as you can during my absence? What had you done? Seriously, I said to wish me good luck, not terrible torments coming from the darkest corners of Hell. Which one of you wished that? I'd love to see this person. But no. All joking aside, it's mostly our faults, not evil eye (do you believe in evil eye by the way?).

Anyway, I got back fully fresh to the realm of blogging. Ready to post those Iran-related subjects I catch from her and there, as well as a spoonful of my daily life.

Here I am, though I hope Lady Luck be busy somewhere else without noticing me.

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