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Seek Carefully

A quote from Afzal al-Din Kashani, Iranian philosopher andpoet, painted on beautiful deep blue Iranian-style tiles, on the old bricks of an old wall of an old house from decades ago.
It says:
 "Whatever you are seeking, you are that." [Does that mean I'm a mug full of tea?]

An Open House for Bullets

Now it's more than two years that I've been getting shot, Accidentally. And all the accidentless days, I count the holes in my chest,
and count,
and count.

And I constantly check the news,
To know where else they have an open house for bullets tomorrow.

Saba Zavarei

Under the Boredom of the Night

The hopeless branch of a dried creeper Scratches the door windowpane.
I don't intend to be hopeless, Under the boredom of the night, from afar, The light sound of someone's footsteps is coming.

Suggested Clothes for Iranian Women by... Giorgio Armani?

If we divide Iranian females into 2 groups of religious and non-religious,

Then this is how non-religious girls dress in public:

And this is how religious girls dress:

And this dazzling so-ugh-beautiful piece of, erm, clothing has been suggested by the gvmnt, designed by one of their most talented designers (should I call the person a designer?):

My eyes are bleeding now. Lady Gaga's meat dress is even more beautiful than this. What is this???

Seriously, I have no issues against women who wear chador or cover themselves according to Islamic rules. My point is when you wanna design something Islamic, at least design something beautiful like this, can't you:

Seems like you can't.

I Returned

I know, I know. I said 11th June. I should have updated my blog as I promised, but if you have had lots of work tension in a short amount of time, you know when it's over you don't feel like doing anything. Really anything. Just sleeping and wasting your time in front of your laptop. I had a project which was supposed to be done in 3 months. I did it just in 2 days before it was due. I didn't sleep for 48 hours and completed it. And yeah, I was amazed by human brain capabilities. After that, I told myself I'd just sleep for 7 days and eat a bit. I lost 7 kilograms during these weeks. Not because of the work pressure. I had lots of ups and down lately, and I wonder how out of the blue a bucket of bad luck will be poured onto your head. Seems like this time Lady Luck decided to kick me hard in the belly. But helped me to get up again as usual. 
But wait, didn't I ask you readers to send me as many positive energy as you can during my absence? What had you done? Seri…

Another World, Another Human

The human cannot be found in this earthly World.
Another World should be made, another human should be created.