Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Water Will Take Us All

I have to finish something for tomorrow and I still haven't finished it and have no idea what I'm doing. Just scrambling things and weaving nonsense to have something to give for tomorrow. My eyes are drooling and can't keep them open any longer.
First in the morning there was a bad storm. The wind was blowing and howling through closed windows. Later in the noon I felt the flat is shaking but I couldn't believe it and told myself I became so weak my body is shaking. Then in the afternoon I searched in Google if there have been an earthquake and saw not only there was a huge earthquake, but also there is tsunami alert. I was like what? Tsunami? They said it might even hit Iran coasts near Indian ocean.
At the moment I'd rather tsunami comes and takes me than having to hand in my due-work tomorrow.

* The title comes from a Persian literary title "The Wind Will Take Us All". I don't know where this title comes from, from a movie, book, a poem or what, but I heard it many times. Sounds like a nice title.

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