Sunday, April 29, 2012

Teddy, a Cat Who Didn't Want to Die

A bullet in his face, two withered legs and a body covered with infection. Death might be so close.

But Teddy loved life.

When an animal lover in Tehran found him, he was in that situation. The cat was weak, couldn't walk but his eyes were full of love and attention. This kind person with other group of animal lovers brought Teddy to the vet. There they understood there was a bullet in his face,  near the nose. Somebody for just having fun had shoot at beautiful Teddy and probably the leg injuries were because of abuse too. Medications for him quickly started. Unfortunately one of the legs had to be amputated, but there was a small hope for the other leg to get back to its earlier state.

They wrote about Teddy on their facebook page and lots of people got concerned for Teddy and donated to help his medication. During that time a kind mother and daughter accepted to keep him with them till he finds a permanent loving home.

Teddy was so lucky. Someone asked to take him to the US for the physiotherapy and a loving person to keep him and give him the love he didn't get before in his life. Now Teddy has one leg, but purrs like a motor and loves to play and move around to appease his curiosity! He is giving practices for his other leg.

There might be one heartless person wanting to hurt you Teddy, but there are also more people who care for beautiful animals like you, rescue you, and give you love and hope.

Here are Teddy's pictures before and after.

Teddy is now famous! He is on the US news:

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