Sunday, April 15, 2012

Meanwhile in Tehran...

Photo taken by: Azin Haghighi

15 April 2012, a rainy day in Tehran. A girl has taken off her high-heels so she wouldn't slip walking fast.

To be honest if the girl wasn't wearing a manteau and a scarf and I haven't checked the photographer's facebook I'd definitely thought this picture has been taken somewhere out of Iran. This is what's called Tehran and its girls!

For seeing the other pictures of rainy Tehran today visit the photographer's facebook.

By the way, an Iranian poet* once said:

Should close the umbrellas,
Should walk in the rain,
Should take the thought, the memory under the rain,
With all the people of the town,
Should go in the rain.
The friend,
Should see in the rain.
Should seek in the rain.

*Sohrab Sepehri
The Sound of the Water footsteps

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