Monday, April 9, 2012


From 1:10, then 1:46, then 2:07 (!!!!) till the end of the video... the END of the video!!! My question is... Ellen?!

One of the top comments under the video:
"Dear Ellen,
we perfectly know that you're in love with Chris, don't be shy!
I guess later that day when she got home Portia was waiting for her behind the door with a pan in hands or something.

That video is a bit old, for 5 months ago. However, on her newest video about Titanic 3D, Ellen is totally behaving correctly:

Ellen is one of the people who never fails to make me smile.

My two fav videos of her are:

       1. Ellen meets Kermit (The scene where Ellen kisses Kermit and he asks if he's turning into a princess with she replying "No, I don't think I'm the one to do it for you" is just epic).

        2. Sophia Grace and Rosie are back (Two really funny guests. Watched it about 10 times).
If I ever want to dig youtube for more videos and never get annoyed or tired, it's just for Ellen's show.

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