Thursday, April 5, 2012

Doctor "How"

A girl told me one of her friends; an Iranian 32-year-old girl studying in Sweden, got girlish problems and went to a gynecologist.

There after a few questions the doctor finds out she hasn't had any physical relationship in her life. The Swedish doctor becomes so astonished and wants to know how. The girl explains to her that's because of our culture blah blah blah, but the doctor doesn't get convinced and sends her to a psychologist!!!

The moral of the story is when you get a feminine problem, get a ticket to Iran and see a doctor there.  She politely asks patients if they're married or not and when they say no, she doesn't ask more.

Reaching 30s and not having physical relationship yet is abnormal over there? Well over here we don't have issues like teenage pregnancy or single mums then.

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