Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Arash, Melody, and Two Little Ds

This is Arash, the Iranian singer in Sweden. He has got a famous song called Melody (but in my opinion not better than his song Dasa Bala, feat Aylar, et al). There is a blond baby at the end of the song in Arash' arms. Many people said Melody, the little girl at the end of the video is Arash' daughter.

My question at that time was if she's his daughter, why so blond? Had Arash married a Swedish girl? Then by little searches I understood, firstly Arash married just some months before the video and it's not possible to have a kid so soon (unless the bride was expecting a baby before the wedding which I'm sure wasn't the case!); secondly Arash married an Iranian girl and it's not possible for an Iranian couple to have such a white blond baby (if they had, ask some genealogists what had happened), thirdly Melody is his colleague's daughter, a Swedish man.

A few moments ago Arash updated on his facebook page he became a father, has twins called Donya and Darian. Donya is a Persian name, meaning "the world" (I think in Arabic they also call the world donya). But Darian isn't (It means the upholder of the good, originally an English name, source: here).

He has uploaded a photo of himself on the bed with the two new-born babies in his arms. The picture is a bit awkward, for a second might give the funny idea that maybe he gave birth to the babies himself. I'm not the only one thinking like that, thousands of congratulations comments were written under the picture as well as some Iranians asking why he is bed posing like that as if he himself gave birth to the babies instead of the wife!!!

Here is the objectionable photo, but anyway, let's congratulate him (I'm still reading some comments by Iranians and laughing. Iranians, anywhere, any time, keeping their wild humour and showing it in any situation).

This is Arash' facebook page.


Ac_Franko said...

Hi, there!
I'm from Brazil but I'm really interested in many cultures of other countries and I confess that as soon as I saw the video 'Melody' I kept asking myself if the blond baby girl was actually his daughter and that's why it led me to your blog, which is very well written (I'm an English teacher) and very interesting by the way...
As a foreigner, I'd like to ask if is commmon for male iraninan men to kiss their children in the mouth or if it was just something that happened by accident in the video.
One other question is if iranians are all that funny as I saw. Is it really true that iranians like making jokes most of times?
Thank you for your patience in reading my comment so far and I hope I haven't bothered you so much.
Best of Luck with your blog! ;)

Mercedé K said...

Hmm no I never saw any Iranian dad kiss his children on the mouth.
Hehe yeah Iranians tend to make jokes about nearly everything!
You welcome, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

Anonymous said...

@ac_franco I'm an American-born Iranian and from what I've seen, it's not uncommon for male Iranian men to kiss their children on the mouth. It's not sexual, obviously, just a sign of love/affection.
Depending on where the Iranians live (e.g. in a serious or relaxed country), they definitely like to make jokes most of the time. I do so often with my non-Iranian husband, much to his dismay!

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