Thursday, April 5, 2012

April Fool, Iranian Version

If you saw this anywhere on facebook don't share it, it's just an April Fool joke. I see some of my friends fell for the joke and seriously believed it and started sharing it. However, if you had followed the TIME magazine closely you know the person of the year was "a protester" and not the Iranian director. The protester isn't a especial person, he represents all people who made an uprising last year all over the world, specially in Arabic countries. The year before Mark Zuckerberg was chosen as the TIME person of the year.

And here's another April Fool joke for Iranians, this time on CNN: Roger Waters concert, live in Iran, in Kish Island!!! Seriously, can you think for moment the singer who sang for Iranians' freedom and showed the pictures of the people who were killed during the Green Movement in his concert The Wall, is allowed by authorities to sing in Iran?!

I took this picture from the CNN website, as you see 8,379 people on facebook and 11,000 people on Twitter fell for the joke.

Well I don't want to play smart Alec, I myself thought for a second this might be true then remembered his support for Iranians then quickly understood it's false news.

This is a picture of Roger Waters' concert, on 15 September 2010 in Toronto Canada. You can see the picture of Neda who was killed innocently in street rallies in Tehran in June 2009 on the wall of the concert:

I found this article very interesting: April Fools' Day in Iran

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