Thursday, March 1, 2012

Why Did You Do That to Me Kiwi? Why?

I've been through many hard times in my life and never shed a drop of tear, but last night a box of shoe polish made me want to cry.

The story is I bought a box of Kiwi shoe polish last night. When I wanted to open the box I looked at it and saw something like a screw beside the box. There was no direction on the back, just a small picture of a hand winding that screw-like thing. So I started winding, and saw the lid is slightly coming up. But then I felt it wasn't coming up anymore, so I pushed it down and retried, but then, nothing happened.

I felt so annoyed that I couldn't open a shoe box, and I tried and tried, but no results.

I was mad. I desperately Googled "How can you open kiwi shoe polish" and laughed how idiot it can be to search such a thing, but much to my surprise, I saw lots of other people have had the same problem:

Then I understood it's not me being silly, but it was the shoe polish company which was ignorant of writing enough instructions instead of that vague small picture.

Seriously, that night I got how such a small unimportant thing like a shoe polish box can make you feel you're retarded!

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