Monday, March 19, 2012


Since you have become my companion, my heartthrob moon,
The light has come out of my mouth like a chandelier.
From the hand of your sun, particle by particle like a piece of jewel,
The heart has become all my water and clay.
Come nearer, put that face and chest on me,
Although your being is mine in unity.
I'm wondering whose shadow is on me,
Your kindness says, it is mine, it is mine.
Because of you, the World full of pain has become like Heaven to me,
How my other world will be, due to your mercy?
Your hand is my crown if you put it on my head,
Your locks is like a snare, being knot around me.
Love cut a bag for me, I asked what you are doing?
Said it would not be enough for you, my endless feast.
My heart did not have any leaf, it was shaking like a leaf,
Said don't be afraid, you have come in my safe haven.
I would embrace you so tight you leave the Sea and the Earth,
So you come to me every night dancing.
I would call you the only one, make you drunk forever,
So you become convinced of my eternal joy.
The magic of my spring makes my chest like a garden,
Makes my withered face like a flower.

Rumi (1207-1273 AD)
Book of Shams

[Sorry if my translation is not that beautiful and doesn't show the real beauty of Rumi's poems. I tried my best. Hope you enjoy.]

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