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"I Put out My God in Your Mug"

So what's new in Persian music world? Shahin Najafi has given out a new album called Nothing, Nothing, Nothing (in Persian: Hich, Hich, Hich). I admit I haven't listened to him before this though I know he's very famous. You can say his work is very noticeable. Especially the lyrics. Here's is my favourite song of his new album called After You, plus the Persian lyrics and the English translation for you:

khamoosh kardam tooye livanat khodayam ra,             I put out my God in your mug,
shabha baghal kardam bi tou hamjens'hayam ra          I embraced my same sexes without you at nights,
rangin kaman-e koochaki bar rooye angoshtam            A small rainbow on my finger, 
dar avalin boose, khodam ra, tora koshtam                   In the first kiss, I killed me and you,
hey gerye mikardam be an mardi ka zan boodam        I cried constantly for the man who I was a woman
shab'ha dracoolaye ghamgini ke man boodam              The sad Dracula at nights who was me
va eshgh yek bimariye badkhimeroohi bood                    And love was a virulent mental illness
tanhayiam mahkoom be sexe goruhi bood                     My loneliness was fated to group sex
sigar ba mashroob ba ta'me hamaghooshi                     Cigarette and alcohol and the taste of making love
yani faramooshi, faramooshi, faramooshi                      It means forgetting, forgetting, forgetting,
bad az tou alcol khord man ra, mast khabidam             After you alcohol drank me up, I slept drunk
bad az tou ba har kas ke boodo hast khabidam             After you I slept with whoever was and is
bad az tou laaye zakhm'hayam ostokhan kardam          After you I added insults to my injuries
ba har ke mishod har che mishod emtehan kardam       I tried anything I could with anyone I could
tanhayie dar jam dar tanhaye tanhayi                            The loneliness in the crowd, is the lonely loneliness
ba gerye vo saboono khoono tou, khoderzaayi               With crying, soap, blood, and you, masturbation
delkhaste az gonjeshk'ha vo hoze naghashi                    Tired of the sparrows and the painting basin  
range sefidat ra be rooye boom mipashi                         You splash your white colour on the canvas
livane ba'di ghors'haye hal shode dar sam                      The next mug is the pills dissolved in poison
bavar bokon az hichi digar nemitarsam                          Believe me I'm not afraid of anything anymore 
poshte syahi-haye donya ham syahi bood                        Behind the darkness of the world, was also darkness 
mashooghe-am boodi, hasti, nakhahi bood                     You were my lover, you are, you will never be 
bad az tou alcol khord man ra, mast khabidam              After you alcohol drank me up, I slept drunk
bad az tou ba har kas ke boodo hast khabidam              After you I slept with whoever was and is
bad az tou laaye zakhm'hayam ostokhan kardam           After you I added insults to my injuries
ba har ke mishod har che mishod emtehan kardam        I tried anything I could with anyone I could

Learn Persian with Persian songs!
Here are some easy vocabulary for you:

mard: man
zan: woman
man: I
tou: you
sigar: cigarette
livan: glass, mug
shab: night
posht: behind
donya: world
sam: poison
dar: in
boose: kiss
rang: colour
sefid: white
har: every
khoon: blood
eshgh: love
roo: on
angosht: finger
koochak: small


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