Thursday, March 15, 2012

How Did You Spend Your Charshanbe-Soori?

Charshanbe-Soori, expectations versus reality:

What we tell the people of other countries we do on Charshanbe Soori:

What we actually do on Tehran's streets:

All joking aside, seriously, why people just don't just set some small fire and jump on it instead of firing so many horrible firecrackers and explosives? Just a week before Charshanbe Soori you can hear the sound of firecrackers from any neighbourhood, and on the night of the mentioned day, there are so many explosion sounds you think the Third World War has already begun outside. I remember two years ago despite the strict patrolling of the Basij on Tehran's streets due to their fear of a political uprising, people were still dropping firecrackers from their rooftops and windows. No one was on streets but yeah, people still did it from their houses! I was just walking in our neighbourhood when I found a poor cat badly afraid and shivering, hiding under a small bush. I felt so much for the poor kitty. She actually didn't have any idea of Charshanbe Soori. Like this fearful kitty, I always try to finish my job soon on this day and get back home early. I'm afraid somebody tries to play pranks on me and throw a firecracker in front of my feet and make me frightened. I don't want to die from a heart-attack or burning injuries. I know how exciting it is to explode firecrackers and other fun stuff, but don't forget some people get injured by explosives on this night. That's why I hope we have more jumping-on-fire and less and actually no firecrackers. Well after all I'm a bit of pyromaniac, if you don't know. I always make a small fire when I'm out in nature and enjoy standing in front of it and watching the small branches burning. Have you ever stared at fire? It's so mesmerising.

My Charshanbe Soori this year was so, so different. I know you'll laugh at me for this, but I actually didn't know that night was Charshanbe Soori. I thought it would be next week!!! Imagine my face when I opened my facebook and saw people's status updates. I was like "What? Tonight?!". I told my friend I thought it would be next week and she said in a very funny tone "next week is the Persian New Year, honey". Well, I have a very good reason why I didn't know it was, because there was no sound of explosion out of my windows.

By the way, I'd like to press the hands of the person who drew this cartoon so warmly:

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