Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ferdowsi Has Been Spotted in Rome!

photo from: Proshat H.

I saw this photo on my friend's facebook. She was in Rome when she saw a square called Ferdowsi Square with a statue of the Iranian poet in it. The place is called Villa Borghes, and when I looked it in Google map it's the name of a park in Rome.
Ferdowsi statue in Rome

We have a Square in Tehran called Ferdowsi too, and I have so many childhood memories of the numberless times when we were passing the square and I looked up at the big tall statue and always wondered who's that small child near his feet?

Ferdowsi statue in Tehran, Ferdowsi Square

Ferdowsi square in Tehran

One day I heard on facebook they have taken the statue away. I got so shocked. What? They took all my childhood, teenage and adulthood memories away? I couldn't get more sad. Tehran without Ferdowsi square is not Tehran. This square has been one of the oldest places in Tehran.

Ferdowsi Square in 1957

Then luckily I understood it was just a romour. This rumour was made after the real news that in the spring the murals of the poet's famous book "Book of the Kings" (in Persian: Shahnameh) were all mysteriously erased from the walls of Ferdowsi Square in Mashad. Seems like the walls belonged to Imam Reza shrine and they didn't like the murals done by municipality on the walls which were done by a group of young artists. So in the middle of the night all the murals were whitewashed secretly. Next morning the whole city were surprised. Who did that?!

After the murals were whitewashed. 
On the banner it's been written: "This property belongs to Imam Reza shrine"
I think the Ferdowsi in Rome is happier than the one in Mashad!
Seems like other countries respect our national heritage more than our government.

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