Friday, February 10, 2012

When 1 Ellen Is More Than 1 Million Moms

Her popularity is something undeniable, with 9 million followers on Twitter and 6 million fans on facebook, you can't say Ellen De Generes is an unpopular public figure.

I do say she's something more than popular. Even my harsh anti-gay colleague and my homophobic friend who says "yuck" when she sees gay people both love her.

And if it's not her miracle then what is it?

She's someone more than an entertainer, she tackles many important issues like bullying, animal rights etc. so it can be said she's one of those people who stand up to make a change.

And recently a group of people called themselves "One Million Moms" requested she get fired as a spokesperson. Why? You can guess.

If you don't know, here's the whole story on the Washington Post and she nicely defending herself.

I said that before and I'd say it again: those who hate this wonderful woman have indeed miserable souls.

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