Sunday, February 12, 2012

Those Days, These Days

My parents are very much interested in history books, and on the top of their favourite list is surely books about the time when the last King of Iran, Mohammad-Reza Pahlavi who's called Shah by Iranains and his father reigned. Shah means king. I read some of those books with my mother and father, and some of them are very interesting and informative. So I am familair with him, his family and a few people around him.

You know, for sure Shah had some shortcomings and made mistakes, but is there anybody who can say the condition of Iran those days was worse than now? Certainly no. I rarely heard the old generation of Iran, including my parents complain about him and his time. All we can hear as the young generation who weren't still born those days are comments about those good old days. The golden days which might never come back.

These are some nostalgic photos from him and the Queen. I'm sure if you're Iranian you're sighing as you look at these photos, even me as a post-revolution youngster get sad when I look at these pictures. Our parents would get even more nostalgic.

Those days:

These days...
Let's not talk about it.

[Photos taken from Artpic]

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