Friday, February 24, 2012

Terms of Endearment in Persian Language

Terms of endearment are the words people say to show love and affection, like dear, honey, babe, etc. in English language. These are terms of endearment in Persian language. You can use them with your friends as well:

azizam: dear
eshgham: my love
khanoomi: missy
janam?: Yes? (used when someone calls your name and you want to answer)
jan: dear (used at the end of names like "Sonya jan" which means dear Sonya)
jigar: (very informal) sweetie
jigar-tala: (very informal) sweetie (tala means gold, funnily enough jigar means liver!)
khoshgel khanoom: pretty girl (please use it just for females you know, if it's said to strangers it has a bad meaning)
aziz-e delam: the dear of my heart
asal: honey (not very common but still you can use it)
dooset daram: I like you
Asheghetam: I love you
divoonatam: I'm crazy about you
mikhamet: I want you
delam vasat tang shode: I miss you
miboosamet: I kiss you
boos: kiss

You can surprise your Iranian friends/sweethearts with these words. Have fun!


MK said...

My boyfriend is Iranian! I just texted him a few of these! Thanks for the post.

Mercedé K said...

Nice! And you're welcome

Anonymous said...

Thank you - I am writing a story with an Iranian character and wanted a term of endearment from his mother - love the illustration!

ThomasBoss said...

Hi there,

my girlfriend is from Iran and i love to text her things like this, but how do you call this way of writing? I want to learn more you know :-)

I hope to hear from you!

Greets Thomas

Mercedé K said...

Hi Thomas
We have a totally different alphabets than Latin alphabets- I wrote these phrases in Latin alphabets so non-Iranians can read them- You can simply send the phrases I wrote to her and she will understand and smile I'm sure- If you need further help just tell me

Mercedé K said...

Interesting, hope you enjoyed my post.

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