Saturday, February 11, 2012

Portrait of the Iranian-Born Actress among World Press Photos of the Year

Mellica Mehraban, photo taken from BBC Persian

Seems like we have got lots of Iranain born actresses working in European cinemas whom I really don't know about and every once in a while read about them from here and there! I only knew Shohreh Aghdashloo who's active in the US, and recently learned about Jasmin Tabatabai who lives in Germany and works there. Today I was looking at World Press photos of the year on BBC Persian when I came across the photo above, which has won the first prize for the portraits in the contest and was taken by the Dansih photographer Laerke Posselt. Doing a few search, I remembered where I've seen her: in an Iranian telefilm in 2009 called Fox Hunting. When I was watching the film I noticed she didn't sound like Iranian very much but I couldn't believe they've chosen an Iranian actress from overseas to play in this film. Her name is Mellica Mehraban (oddly enough her name is pronounced both Melissa and Melika but I think her true name is Melika) and like most Iranian expats, was born in Iran, Tehran. She is half Iranian, one of her parents is Danish (her mother I think) and the you know the rest of her biography: she left Iran with her family to live in Denmark, studied there and is now playing in their films.

Below are the two photos I took from her webiste, the photo in the left is she in Denmark and the one in the right is she in Iran. Which one do you like- the Danish Mellica or the Iranian Mellica?!

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