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My Boss Kissed Me Once

Photo by: Andreea Angelescu. Courtsey of Beauty Etc Magazine

Don't worry she was a woman. And it was a kiss on the cheeks if you're still worried. But it wasn't as fun as the photo above.

Being kissed by my boss was the last things I expected to happen to me in my work. I remember it was an important day for our office and we had a ceremony, so she came and shook hands with me as she had done it with others, and then suddenly kissed my cheeks. I had to lower my body as I'm taller than her. It felt like a stranger in the street had kissed me. I felt a bit uncomfortable.

The word "boss" usually brings to the mind a nasty person who has the upper hand. My boss wasn't a bad person, actually she was a very efficient manager and knew very well how to organise everything. But I couldn't get close to her. Most of my colleagues called her by her first name and even sometimes went out with her, but I preferred our relationship remian emplyer-employee. So I always kept my distance from her. That's why on that day when I was kissed I felt embarrased.

Due to that big change in my life I said earlier, I had to leave my job. I didn't know how to tell her as I wasn't sure they can replace me with a new person and I was afraid she got angry, so I just told her secretary and swiftly ran away. But surprisingly it was agreed. I filled the resign forms and done. I left my job.

She wasn't the only boss I had in my life. Before this place I used to work in another organisation for a short time. There a group of us worked under the supervision of a woman who was considered our supervisor but we couldn't think of her as a boss. You couldn't resist loving her. It wasn't only me, but all the people who worked there. During the time I was there I never heard anyone talk bahind her balk. All we talked about was how lovely she is. Nice, kind, helpful, knowledgble and disciplined were not the only good traits she had. She was also very fashionable and stylish and beautiful in her own ways. Everyday she tried to dress differently. Everone admired her. I especifically loved her violet-dyed hair and her brown-red eyes and her small figure.

Quite opposite to my second boss, I wished to be kissed by this one everyday! I regeret why I never hugged her and tell her how great she is and how much I like her. Once I told her I can't stay till 8 pm as I don't like to get out late. She asked me where my home is and if she can take me home with her car after work. Unfortunately my home wasn't near hers but I wish it was so I could spend more time with her. She was not only helpful about work, but in other areas of life. One of my colleagues once told me if she was working in that association for 10 years was just because of her. If the payment wasn't low, I would never stop working there either. I was there only for 9 months. But I would never forget her.

The payment and other things in my second work place was better but now I've stopped working there, I feel I 've never been there. I feel I didn't spend some hours of my life in that place. I feel I didn't stand in front of the mirror everyday to get ready to go there. Seems like my shoe soles never touched those steps. The payment papers are the only proof I've been working there.

A few days after I filled the resign papers and left the job, my boss called me and said I should come again to fill another form in case I want to get back and start my cooperation with them again in the future. I said OK and promised I'd come tomorrow.

Actually, I didn't go.

[Update: Just the day after I wrote the post below about my first boss, I found her by accident on facebook! I got so happy. Before that she didn't have a facebook.]


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