Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tarh-e Nou Bookshop

Tarh-e No Bookshop window display

Note: When I was writing this post I made a bad mistake and mixed the name of this bookshop with another one. I actually made some corrections and reposted it.

There's a street in our neighbourhood which sounds like a good place but I only passed there by car and every time told myself I should discover it on foot. Today after getting out of the beauty salon I walked aimlessly there, and got to the door of Markaz Tarh-e No Bookshop. Markaz is a name of a well-known publication which published all Zoya Pirzad's books as far as I know. I looked at the window display, then went up a few steps to get the door and before entering, I took a sneak preview of the place. Seemed like a good bookshop so I got in. The first thing caught my attention was a postcard stand, and it had good Iranian New Year cards, plus UNICEF cards. I was looking for UNICEF cards for such a long time but I couldn't find them, even in Central Book City. So they were hiding in here! There was a comfy coach and coffee table in one corner of the shop but I think it was for special guests not all visitors. On the coffee table there were some pastries and I was hungry and wished to eat them but I controlled myself. I really didn't have time to look at the books but I'm sure they were all good books as this publication doesn't give out worthless books. Every book I saw it publishes is really a good one, whether novel or non-fiction. I was short of time so I just took a look at small pictures printed on 10x10 wooden frames. Some of them were really beautiful and they were just the things I wanted to buy for one of my friends. Seems like everything I wanted all were in this shop! Unfortunately I had to leave but I promised myself to go there again. I hate myself for not going there sooner. The picture above is the one I got from the display, a man covered by layers pf newspapers and bookpages reading a book.

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