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Iranian Celebrities I Met

What do you do when you see someone famous on the street? Would you go to them and ask for a photo or an autograph? Or you just pass by trying to look you didn't notice them? I do the second thing. Firstly I think celebs are too much in the spotlight and they need a bit of time for themselves and we shouldn't disturb them all the time, secondly I'm a bit too proud to go to somebody famous and ask for a photo or something. Here are some Iranian celebs I met, and wow it's such a long list! I never thought I saw so many famous people till I wrote this blog entry:

Atila Pesyani

I saw him in Molavi Theatre. I was standing in the hall waiting when I saw him. He was standing behind a counter and seemed very hungry 'cause he was devouring bread and cheese in a really hungry way. He was just as he's in his films: modest and down-to-earth. He's got a cool name doesn't he? I never saw anybody with the first name Atila before, reminds me of the Roman Empire and Roman myths.

Homa Roosta

As a theatre-goer I had a chance to see her when I went to see her play "Antigone in New York" in Molavi Theatre. She was standing in a box watching the play. She looked beautiful despite her age, and smiling very sweetly. She was also active in the cinema before the revolution 1979 and used to appear in films without a headscarf like all other actresses of those days.

Behzad Farahani
Actor- Father of Goshifteh Farahani

I saw him in the Artists Garden which I heard is a good hunt for the artists. He was alone in the park having a bag of food in his hand and was walking away from the Artists Garden Cafe. My friend and I were walking and my friend said "hey, look, isn't that Behzad Farahani?" He was but we didn't disturb him. He looked so naturally himslef while walking alone we didn't think we have seen one of the most famous Iranian actors!

Ahmad Najafi

I just saw him in a small street in our neighbourhood when I was getting back from the dentist with my sister. He got out of the car and we saw him. Tall, goodlooking with green eyes. He just looked at my sister and we two noticed him, then he didn't look and we didn't look at him either. That was funny to see him in our neighbourhood as it's usually a busniss district not a place to see an actor. I really like his role in "Detective Alavi" show, he really made a good detective. He's got a very nice voice too, or else he wouldn't be a dubleur.

Mehraneh Mahintorabi

This lovely lady is always playing in TV not in the cinema. I used to think she must be tall and buxom but when I saw her in Atlas Pood curtain shop I noticed she's not like that at all, just average-height and small. That's actually the false impression of the TV. She was buying curtains and wore a chic headscarf and had a nice smile on his face which made me love and respect her more. She's still single which is another interesting fact of her for me. She played the role of a single middle-aged auntie who's very kind and concerned about youngsters around her in a show called "All My Children".I think the role was just her real life and herself.

Alireza Khamseh

This was so long ago. I was a child walking with my family in a shopping centre with his wife and if I remember correctly with their two kids. Khamseh wasn't at the hight of his fame those days any more with the arrival of young good-looking green-eyed actors and actresses. He was very famous and popular in 1970's, 1980's and early 1990's. He's still considered an experienced important actor though.

Behnaz Jafari

She was playing in the same 'Antigone in New York' play directed by Homa Roosta. I've seen her in some TV series but she's just perfect on the theatre stage. Nice strong voice for acting in the plays and quite especial face, I mean her nose made her very momrable for me in that play.

Majid Ghannad
Talk show host in children's programme

This time I really didn't act cool when I saw him! We were walking in a street when I saw him in front of a supermarket and shouted "Oh, this is Majid Ghannad!!!". He noticed us and said hello to my father as he knew my father. Seeing him reminded me of all those children programmes I watched on channel 2 in my childhood. He's still active with his group in the famous children programme Fitileh on Fridays.

Ali Pahlevan

My sister and I were in the car in front of Kandoo restaurant when he passed and we saw him. That's all. We didn't run to him for autographs or pics. He's the lead singer of the famous band Aryan, and I'm sure if anybody else were instead of us they would have hopped out of the car and rushed to him, but me and my sister, we just sat and took our heads away from him because we didn't want him to think we're staring at him.

Farhad Ghaemyan

I saw him in my work place. I didn't recognise him till my colleague told me. I looked again and I remembered. He usually plays the negative criminal roles in films and it's due to her fierce looks. Out of the film he looked serious and fierce too. Wow.

Farhad Aslani

Despite Mehraneh Mahintorabi, I always thought of him as small and short, but when I saw him in Molavi Theatre I understood I was wrong. He was tall, taller than me and had a big body. Not very big, and not that small as you see on TV. He was with a friend chatting and looked calm and relaxed. I like that.

There are some other people on this list who are less famous and I don't know their names but I've seen them on TV or in films, like that freckle-faced actress whom I saw 2 times in my workplace or that old man in comedy shows and some other more people. If I got what their names are I'll update it on here.


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