Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Big Change

Hello to you!

And yes, I'm still alive. I haven't been killed in a car crash, I haven't been politically imprisoned or executed either, which is more common than dying in a car crash over here.

I'm so sorry for not updating on here for more than 3 weeks. Well, firstly the Internet is just awful these days over here in Iran, and I can't find a polite word for describing the situation of it.

Secondly, my mind was on other things and I couldn't think of writing on here. To be honest I wasn't in the mood. My mind is still occupied by those things, but that doesn't mean I've stopped writing this blog.

I hope I haven't missed some readers because of my somehow long absence, have I? I hope not.

Well, a big change is happening in my life. No I haven't met someone and wanna settle down. PLEASE. I don't know why when I tell people about a change they think like that. This shows how marriage-minded Iranians are.

In a few days a change will happen to me, and a few changes will happen to some information in my facebook account and also my Twitter in accordance.

I'll continue writing about Iran on here for sure, but some other subjects might be added to this blog as well due to that change.

Keep reading!

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