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Why? 'Cause the Sky Is High!

I'm sure you've heard "Why did the chicken cross the road" joke series. For me the funniest of all is this:

Why did the chicken cross the road?
Ahmadinejad: The road and technology of crossing the road that our country has, is the result of Iranian youth's scientific development and is Iranian nation's right. We will continue crossing the road. The wave of spirituality and awareness in Islam's World will eliminate this chicken from the face of the Islamic World soon hopefully.

Aren't such comments familiar to you?!

Mahtab Keramati, Artistic Photos

I found this poster in my usual browsing on the Net. It's the poster of a photo exhibition called Life with Mahtab Keramati in pictures. Unfortunately I found it too late. It was for the year 2005. But no need to regret. I found another photo collection of her by the Iranian photographer Afshin Pirhashemi on Artpic. They are very artistic and most audience said they can't make out the meanings of the photos. For example what's the meaning of the US flag, or BMW logo in the pictures. I've learned to enjoy a piece of art even if I can't understand it, so no worries. Here are the artistic pictures of this beautiful lady for you:

Table Manners in Iran

The phrase table manners always reminds me of my English self-study books and the units about food and how we should behave while eating at a table. I must say Iranian table manners are very much like British table manners.

Like most cultures it's also bad in Iran if you talk with your mouth full, make noise, lick the plate and eat food with hands. If they're not bad in your country then I must say you're from a very different culture.

Anyway, here are some hints for you if you don't want to appear rude in front of Iranians at the table:

When the food is being brought to the table wait till your host offers you to take food.It's very common over here for host to ask the guest to take food many times. This is for being polite, it doesn't literally mean you should sweep everything on the table and send down to your tummy!Please, please, please don't make slurping noise when you eat soup or any other liquid food. I've heard many Iranians complain some frie…

The Best Love Poem Ever

That bird which sings in my head,
And constantly says you love me,
And constantly says I love you,
I will kill that talkative boring bird tomorrow.

Jacques PrĂ©vert

[If you've got a Nihilist nature, this love poem is just for you!]

Iranian Celebrities I Met

What do you do when you see someone famous on the street? Would you go to them and ask for a photo or an autograph? Or you just pass by trying to look you didn't notice them? I do the second thing. Firstly I think celebs are too much in the spotlight and they need a bit of time for themselves and we shouldn't disturb them all the time, secondly I'm a bit too proud to go to somebody famous and ask for a photo or something. Here are some Iranian celebs I met, and wow it's such a long list! I never thought I saw so many famous people till I wrote this blog entry:

Atila Pesyani

I saw him in Molavi Theatre. I was standing in the hall waiting when I saw him. He was standing behind a counter and seemed very hungry 'cause he was devouring bread and cheese in a really hungry way. He was just as he's in his films: modest and down-to-earth. He's got a cool name doesn't he? I never saw anybody with the first name Atila before, reminds me of the Roman…

A Big Change

Hello to you!

And yes, I'm still alive. I haven't been killed in a car crash, I haven't been politically imprisoned or executed either, which is more common than dying in a car crash over here.

I'm so sorry for not updating on here for more than 3 weeks. Well, firstly the Internet is just awful these days over here in Iran, and I can't find a polite word for describing the situation of it.

Secondly, my mind was on other things and I couldn't think of writing on here. To be honest I wasn't in the mood. My mind is still occupied by those things, but that doesn't mean I've stopped writing this blog.

I hope I haven't missed some readers because of my somehow long absence, have I? I hope not.

Well, a big change is happening in my life. No I haven't met someone and wanna settle down. PLEASE. I don't know why when I tell people about a change they think like that. This shows how marriage-minded Iranians are.

In a few days a change will happen t…