Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lions and Vultures in Tehran!

You really hear weird news sometimes. I used to think lions have been extinct in Iran and though I've seen vultures at the zoo I didn't think they can be found on pavements of Tehran! It was reported last week a big vulture was seen in one of Tehran's neighbourhood and people called 125. They took the bird with care and delivered it to Pardisan Park. I used to think vultures as ugly but in the picture the big bird looks young and nice:

Also, last week on Thursday a man was driving in a highway when he saw a big animal walking near the Lavizan Forest Park among the trees. He got very surprised and immediately called 125. Five minutes later the group was there but as it seemed catching the lion cub might be hard 2 other groups were also called. After 50 minutes they managed to catch the cub without hurting it. Two days before another lion cub was caught in this area as well. The head of the operation said "We assume somebody brought these two cubs illegally or bought it from an animal smuggler, and the cubs have run away or maybe when the person saw they cannot keep the cubs they left the two in the forest park".

Little baby! Look how cute it is, even when it wants to show it's scary by showing the teeth and growling:

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