Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cartoon: the British Embassy Events

"Laughter is the best cure", as the saying goes. So let's take a look at this cartoon and smile a bit. It's by Mana Neyestani, the Iranian cartoonist; about the recent the British Embassy event. But to be honest I still feel so awful when I read the news related to it.

In this cartoon the young boy is holding the picture of him and a member of the militia chasing him with baton, and the old man is pointing to the Embassy, as they're both asking the militia member why he doesn't do anything forceful this time as usual. He says in a mellow tone: "Oh, they're young and they're students, we shouldn't be hard on them".

The only thing in the cartoon which made me laugh was that "Dan Vith Engelish" banner and that one climbing the flagpole like a real monkey!!!!

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