Tuesday, November 29, 2011

When Love and Jealousy Sit to Dine at "The Last Supper"

It was a long time ago when I saw The Last Supper. No, no, I don't mean the painting by Da Vinci. The Last Supper is the name of an Iranian film (in Persian we call it Sham-e Akhar).

What would happen if a mother and daughter both fall in love with the same man?
What would happen if the young man is the mother's student at the university?
What would happen if the man only loves one of them?

The answer of all these questions is in the film The Last Supper. It was one of my main favourite films in the year 2001 and I still do like it.

I like the love triangle and the novel theme of the film in which a woman loves someone much younger than her but finally succumbs to her love and tries to find the happiness she never had with her ex-husband.

Katayoon Riahi in one of the scenes of the film The Last Supper

The cast includes:

Mohammad-Reza Golzar

Haniyeh Tavassoli

Katayoon Riahi

If you'd like to see some scenes of the film, watch this:

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Rob said...

I think that would be quite a problem and something that would be hard to resolve without anyone getting hurt.

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