Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Stop Killing Animals in Ukraine

I was writing a post about an Iranian food when something happens and I decided to put it aside and write this post first.

As a heavy user of the Internet and a news follower I come across lots of bad things daily, from news of hanging, raping, and murder. Among them is also news of animal abuse.

I'm subscribed to a petition site and it sometimes sends some emails to me, asking me to sign a petition. One day some time ago it sent me an email about Ukraine getting prepared for Eurofoot 2012. They're killing stray dogs and cats by horrible ways of throwing them into furnaces and letting them burn there alive, poisoning them and shooting them.

Today my Polish friend Gabi reminded me all about it again by writing to me and saying she's very upset because of seeing the graphic videos of those poor animals in Ukraine. I understand her, who likes to see those adorable creatures to suffer like that?

Here's the petition for you, please sign it and send it to all your friends and share it on facebook:

Tell Ukraine to Stop Burning Animals Alive

And for now you Gabi please don't be sad, smile and cheer up, 'cause I wrote this post just for you :)


Aszraf said...

thanks Mercy! the horrible things are happening in Ukraine ;/

Mercedé said...

You're more than welcome :)

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