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Sa'adat Abad, a Film about Our Hidden Lives

If you haven't seen a good Iranian film lately, I recommend "Sa'adat Abad". Sorry if the name is too hard for you to pronounce or even read. Sa'adat Abad is a name of a neighbourhood in North West Tehran. The word literary means "The place of happiness" and it's such a great name for this film. Because the people in this film all gather in a house in Sa'adat Abad,  but you see they've lost their happiness.

The film starts with the main actress moving around in the house. We see she's preparing a birthday party for her husband and wants to surprise him. 

Her daughter's babysitter is standing beside her in the kitchen. Her phone rangs, but she is not happy about it. The mobile phones play an important role in this film!

Then we saw another couple, her friends. She has invited them to the party. A woman who tries to leave abroad, and a too-supportive, controlling man. This couple are one of the main suspension element in this film. The wife has got a secret, and wants to hide it from her husband, and the man wants tok now it, soon.

Then another woman appears in the film: an elegant fashionable lady, who behaves a bit coldly and proudly, as she's above others, but not in an unfriendly way. She's very rich after all. On that day she has got a bad hay fever, and if wasn't her sneezes she might have remembered what she wanted to tell that secretive wife.

Then the husband arrives at home, the person whose birthday is on that day. In a few seconds we see he's a businessman, ignorant, but has got a good sense of humour. In fact this is the person who makes laugh till the end of the film.

And the last guest rings the bell: the proud woman's husband. He's handsome, has dressed nicely, and is kind. You can't help liking him. There's a secret love under his chest but soon you'll see it in his eyes, talk, and smiles.

Soon all these people sat at the dinner table, and start eating the dinner she was preparing all day. You now know how these people are connected, and their pasts.

Sa'dat Abad keeps your breath and makes you sit still in your chair and listen and wait. You'll think what's her secret? What's his secret? What will he do to her? What will she do to him? What will happen next? 

All in all, a great film, great actors and actresses, nice costume designs, perfect decorations, and above all, excellent story. No one will get out of the cinema unsatisfied, even my Mum and Dad who rarely like a film!!!!

I watched this film two times just in one night! Once with my sister, then we got home and took Mum and Dad with us. 

The film is in Iran's cinemas now, and wouldn't be found on the Internet for watching. But you can wait till it gets available too. Don't forget watching it.

The cast are:
Leila Hatami

Mahnaz Afshar

Hengameh Ghaziani

Mina Sadati

Hamed Behdad

Hossein Yari

Amir Aghaei

And the director is:
Maziar Miri

Watch the film trailer:

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