Thursday, November 17, 2011

Keeshmeesh Cafe

Always tasty in Keeshmeesh,
Be styleesh, be your weesh!

I discovered a new cafe last night. My sister, her friend and I were going to a nice small doughnut shop which is famous for nice doughnuts and big mugs of tea. When we got there we found out the shop isn't there anymore! Instead we went into a cafe near there.

The name is KeeshMeesh. It means raisin in Persian language. As I entered the cafe, the beautiful decoration caught my eye. Everything was so brand-new and beautiful. There was only a couple in the cafe, as it was a rainy evening.

We sat a corner, and while the coffee-man brought us the menue and we were choosing our orders, I was looking curiously around: a  neon board at the entrance, nice wooden chairs and tables, sketches drawing artistically on sewing papers, and lots of brochures on a small table near the door informing visitors about current artistic affairs in Tehran as galleries and shows.

It felt so good to sit inside a warm beautiful cafe in a rainy evening. The cafe is situated inside a residing complex, and the yards around was so beautiful with those nice flowers and trees planting artistically in the gardens. There was another cafe and restaurant near this cafe too, but my sister recommended this one.

If you ever visited Tehran, don't miss this cafe!

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