Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm not Kidding Ellen. Seriously!

Ellen. Dear Ellen.

If you're ever asked to write a letter to Ellen DeGeneres, what would you write?

Will you write to her she's funny, you love her talk show, she's wonderful, she's got amazing blue eyes, and you're happy about her and Portia?

I know, I know.

Who wouldn't love Ellen? In fact I think the person who doesn't like such a brilliant woman has got a miserable soul.

Beside all the things said above, if I ever want to write a letter to Ellen, or rather to send an email as these days a few people use letters as their correspondence way, I'd have something else to write as well.

Ellen has recently gave out a book called Seriously, I'm Kidding. The book is of course available in the US and some countries, but what about Iran? No, it is not.

And I want to read it voraciously. I read so many books in English, and I like them even more than books in my own language. So you can feel how disappointed I feel.

Who knows, maybe one day she accidentally read this and send me her book with her autograph on the first page. Oh seriously... I was kidding!

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