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If Kamran and Hooman Didn't Exist

Another melancholic rainy night over here, but let's put our sorrows aside and listen to a nice song. 

I wrote about Kamran and Hooman before. And it was one of the most viewed posts on this blog. Here's a pop quiz for you to see how much you remember about them:

1. Who's Kamran and who's Hooman?
2. Are they cousins or brothers?
3. Who's older?

Time's up! You lazy students. Kamran and Hooman are brothers and the one with long shiny hair is called Kamran and he's the elder brother. 

Most people believe Hooman is more attractive than Kamran, but in my opinion his long hair make him quite speical. 

I like Kamran with long shiny hair as I like Ellen DeGeneres with short hair and boyish clothes. So if one day Kamran appears with short hair and Ellen in skirt and high-heels, I'd stop liking them  both!

I wanted to upload one of their newest videos for you on here, but after seeing one of their songs have had more than 1 million views, I changed my mind.

I don't keep you waiting, ladies and gentlemen, here's one of Kamran Hooman's songs called If I didn't exist (Man Ageh Nabasham):

Man nabasham ki too ro'ya moohato naz mikoneh?
[If I didn't exist, who would caress your hair in your dream?]
Ki ba balhay-e shekasteh ba tou parvaz mikoneh?
[Who will fly with you with broken wings?]
Ras begoo, man ke nabasham akhma-ye pishoonito, 
[Tell the truth, if I didn't exist, who will...]
ki maid dooneh dooneh ba hoseleh baz mikoneh?
[Come and open your brow knots one after the other patiently?]
Man nabasham ki miad naz-e negato mikhareh, 
[If I didn't exist, who would come and buy the seductiveness in your glances?]
Ki miad donbale tou, tou ro ta khorshid bebareh?
[Who will come to you, get you to the Sun?]
ki migi hagh ha hamishe ba toue?
[Who says you're always right?]
vasey-e khater-e tou joon mideh poshte panjareh?
[Just for you die behind the window?]

Man ageh nabasham,
[If I didn't exist,]
 ki vaseh hamisheh,
[Who would forever,]
 tou ro miparasteh? 
[Worship you?]
Ki barat mimireh?
[Who will die for you?]
 ki nemisheh khasteh?
[Who wouldn't get tired?]
ki tou ro mizareh, 
[Who will put you,]
rooye do ta cheshmash?
[On his eyes?]
Ki ageh nabashi,
[Who will if you wouldn't exist,]
 migireh nafas-hash?
[Be short of breath?]

Man ageh nabasham (4)
[If I didn't exist?]

man nabasham ki tahamol mikoneh hal-e tou ro?
[If I didn't exist, who will tolerate your moods?]
ba raghib, raftano aziato azare toro?
[Your going out with the rival, you being annoying?]
to khodet davar-e meydoon sho begoo,
[You can be the judge and tell,]
kieh ke javab nadeh talkhiey rafatar-e tou ro?
[Who wouldn't react to your bitterness?]

man nabasham ki barat gheseh mige ta bekhabi?
[If I didn't exist who will tell you stories till you go to sleep?]
ki miad soragh-e ro'yat too shabhay-e mahtabi?
[Who will come to your dream in moon-lit nights?]
ki bidareh ta tou khabet bebareh
[Who's awake till you go to sleep?]
ki ghayem mishe tooy-e abrha ke rahat betabi?
[Who will hide in clouds so you shine better?]



albina javed said…
I frickin LOVE Kamran!!

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