Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Gold Icecream

Imagine you went to a restaurant, opened the menu, and on the list among food and dessert names you lay your eyes on this: ice cream with gold. You certainly feel it's a lovely new name for an ice-cream and the gold in the name refers to something yummy and yellow. You're wrong. There's a restaurant in Tehran called Milad Tower Restaurant, and there's an ice cream in there called Gold Icecream.

You still can't believe it? I know, it's really something odd. It was a controversial issue for a while over here, with press discussing it hotly, and even Washington Post writing an article about it. The cost of this interesting icecream is as interesting as its name: 4,000,000 Iranian Rials, which is about 370 US dollars and 235 English Pounds. I've read the icecream have been omitted from the menu after some clerics declared eating gold is not approved in the rules of the religion.

My piece of advice: if you're taking the person you love to a restaurant, check beforehand it doesn't serve any gold icecreams. You wouldn't want to get broke, will you?!

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