Saturday, November 26, 2011

Funny in Farsi, English and Any Other Language

It was back in 2006.  I was getting back home and was sitting on the bus. The sun had went down and the street lights lit the bus. I had this book borrowed from the library in my bag, and I was very curious to read it as soon as possible. I had read about it in many magazines and on some websites and all recommended it, saying also the book is very funny as the name might suggest it to you: Funny in Farsi.

It was indeed funny. As I was reading it on the bus I couldn't help smiling. The writing style of the author was neat and tidy, and the humour was just perfect. You don't feel you're reading a book, but listening to a girl talking about her life and family after their immigration to the US from Iran. A good details of lives of immigrants in another country, in a cheerful bright way, not a sad tearful cliches you're used to.

The author's name is Firoozeh Jazayeri Dumas. Jazayeri is her maiden name and Dumas is her husband's last name. I wouldn't go on with her biography details on here, as you can read it all in her book, and of course she's a far better writer of her own life than me!

Though she's Iranian she wrote this book in English, I think mainly because she's forgotten most of her mother tongue, Persian or Farsi, and partly because she wanted Americans to read it first. However she mentions she has dedicated her book to people of her own country. This book has been translated into Persian language by the name of "The Scent of Hyacinth, the Scent of Pine", which refers to the cultural differences between Iran and the US in which you put a pot of hyacinth on the table around Iranian new year and in the US you decorate pine trees on Christmas.

I'm sure the book is great and funny, in Farsi, English or any other language.

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