Monday, October 17, 2011

The Lights, I Will Turn off

If you ask me what's the best book you ever read in Persian, I'd definitely say: "The Lights, I Will Turn of".

The book was first published in 2001, and soon became so popular it won many literary awards inside Iran.

The author Zoya Pirzad is an Iranian writer of Armenian origin. Her mother is Armenian and her father is of Russian origin. She was born in Abadan in 1959, a city in the south of Iran, married in Tehran. She's now living in Germany.

The Light's I Will Turn off in German translation

The Lights I Will Turn off is about an Armenian woman called Claris, living with her husband and three children in one of Oil Firm neighbourhoods. She had a peaceful life minding her ordinary life and daily chores until a new neighbour arrives opposite their house: a young attractive man, with his daughter and his mother.

Her books are:
  • Like All Evenings
  • One Day Before Easter
  • The Acrid Taste of Persimmon
  • I Turn Off the Lights
  • We will get used to It
I have always wanted to translate this book into English for people from other countries to read. Maybe I'd do it one day!

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