Tuesday, October 18, 2011

An Exhibition of Works of Photography

Two weeks ago on Monday I was in the Museum of Contemporary Art. There's an exhibition in there, in which old photos by great photographers are being shown.

The exhibition shows the evolution of the photography from 1838 to 1970. Works of great photographers such as William Fox Talbot, William Henry Jackson, Nadar, Edward Styken, Henry Peach Robinson, Gertrud Casbier, Margaret Bork White, Michelle Stewart, etc are all gathered in one place.

Just in the first 4 days of the grand-opening more than 2000 people have visited the exhibition. This is the first time this collection is being fully shown, as once before the revolution 1979 and once after some of the photos were on display but not all of them. There are 154 photos, some collections, some portraits and some old camera for public show.

Afshin Shahroudi is responsible for this exhibition. The photos were all gathered in different years and were stored in the museums archives. The old cameras all belong to Mohammad Ali Jadid Ol Eslam's personal collection, and he sent them from Tabriz to Tehran when Shahroudi asked him to do. There are more than 200 cameras in there, the oldest one is from the year 1855 and the newest is from 5 years ago.

Taking pictures inside the museum was prohibited, so unfortunately I can't share any of those great pictures with you. I specifically like the portrait of a beautiful girl who was the photographer's daughter; a village in the moonlight and the photo of a Victorian man with cylinder hat, spectacles and a crane.

If you ever come over to Tehran, don't miss visiting this great museum.

See the statues in the Garden of Statues in this museum on here.

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