Sunday, October 9, 2011

"Circumstance", a Film about Forbidden Love

It's hard to write about the film you still haven't seen! But I like to see it soon. The plot is interesting: two teenage girls who are friends at school realise day after day they are becoming something more than friends to each other.

Is that the whole story? No! Wait please. The world seems not always that sweet to lovers. One of them has got a brother who used to be a drug addict, but gets back from the rehab and finds new obsessions: his sister's friend and religion.

The two explores Tehran and its underground life, wanting to be themselves, not complying to the rules others have set for them. They go to night parties, dance, drink, and use swear words and directly express their physical desires for eachother.

The film was set in Iran but actually was shot in Lebanon due to security reasons. The director, and the cast are all Iranians. The film is in Persian language, except a few sentences, with English subtitles.

The film was R rated due to sexual content, language and some drug use. Some Iranians say the film is a bit exaggerated. The situations are not that bad in Iran as it was described in the film.

I've read the film has a sad ending. An Iranian lesbian said this is not the film lesbians want to be in, while the other claims the same thing has happened to her in real life, bitter but true.

Photo taken from Wmagazine

The main two actresses, Nikohl Boosheri and Sarah Kazemy were both born in Iran but the former grew up in Canada, and the latter in Paris, France. Their families left Iran after the revolution 1979.

Maryam Keshavarz, the 35-year-old director of the film, is Iranian and was born in New York, the US. According to her, she wanted to make this film as she always saw herself as an interpretor between Iran and the US. 

Slogan of the film is very beautiful: "Let love not fall victim to circumstance". The name of the film in Persian (Iran's official language) is Sharayet, which if you translate in English means "circumstances", not circumstance.

All in all, this is the film I want to see, soon!

Watch the trailer to make sure you want to see it too!

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