Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Iranian Parade in New York, April 2011

Iranians from all over the US gathered on Sunday, 10 April 2011, in Madison Avenue in New York to celebrate the Iranian New Year. This is the 8th year this parade is being held, and symbols from ancient Persia were shown in the parade.

Girls holding elements of "Haft-Seen" in their hands

A man holding an unmbrella with the former flag of Iran

The parade began with 3 New Yorker policemen holding former Iran's flag

Ancient Sport, a kind of sport popular in Iran in the old times was part of the parade

Babakaram, a kind of dance in Iran with suits

Andy, the Iranians singer, with the winner of the beauty peagent in 2009

People wearing masks holding photos of political prisoners wanted their freedom

Again, Andy and the beautiful girl

Girls dancing in Iranian traditional styles, with colourful clothes
The parade ended in one of the New York parks.


Aszraf said...

isn't it before 1979 flag? ;)

Rob said...

I think it is good that ceremonies like this can be held for all to see. I like the costumes, they are very colourful.

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